Your questions, answered!

How to store rosin?

In the freezer! Rosin is best kept frozen until you are ready to enjoy it. At that time, make sure to leave it out for 10-15 minutes before opening the jar! Otherwise you can create a moisture layer, which can cause a sizzle!


What does storing rosin in the freezer help with?

By keeping your rosin in the freezer you can make sure to keep it at peak terpene level! The longer you leave it outside of a frozen environment, the more you are allowing the terpenes to break down. 

I left it out of the freezer and now it has buttered up! What should I do?

While leaving it out of the freezer isn't ideal, you don't have to waste any product! You can agitate or "whip" the rosin and enjoy it buttered up. Make sure to store it in a cool and dry atmosphere.