The Club By Kalya

What's going on: the club was created with the purpose of providing connoisseurs and fans of the brand a more intimate experience with kalya. A homage to the slang that we used to refer to dispensaries in prop 215, the “club” will pioneer a new way for cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite products. Starting with our line of rosin and melt we will continue to expand the offerings so everyone can enjoy an array of flowers, concentrates, and edibles at an exclusive price. To join the club we are asking for a monthly fee of $50 to gain access to the following:

  • One gram of rosin or melt of our choosing at .01 per month ( if order isn’t placed that month then the gram will accumulate till the next order)
  • Exclusive merchandise drops
  • Curated menu of current and exclusive flavors at a special price
  • Invites to club member only events and activations

 How do I join the club?

Check the box below if we are currently delivering to your area. If we do, you can apply by clicking the box above! You will receive an email/text notification once you have been accepted into the club. If we do not currently deliver to your area you can still apply and we will reach out to you at a later time. 

  Club Requirements 

You must be 21+ for recreational purchases, 18+ for medical purchases. You are required to receive your order and have your physical ID on you upon delivery. 

Club Dues

Minimum order requirement is $250, with a $50 monthly subscription fee. Excise, Gross and local tax are required by the state.  


*Monthly subscription is inclusive of 1 delivery per month. Each additional delivery will be subject to a $50 delivery fee.

    Club Meetings (Drop-Off)

      Once you receive your bi-monthly menu (via email) and choose your order items, you will receive an email notification for your delivery date. Delivery is within 7-14 days of your order.

     Open Club Locations:

    Northern CA

    Southern CA

    • Alameda

    • Contra Costa

    • San Francisco

    • Marin County

    • Napa Valley

    • Sacramento

    • San Joaquin Valley

    • San Jose

    • Santa Clara

    • Los Angeles

    • San Diego

    • Long Beach

    • Santa Ana

    • Anaheim

    • Torrance

        Club Rules:

      "What if I don’t like anything on the menu, or won’t be around for the next drop-off?"

      You can skip an order, but if you miss multiple in a row we will have to move you to the back of the line to allow a new member to order from the club.  

      "Can another person accept my order, I need to run an errand?"

      You must be available in person with your ID to accept your order. If a family member or friend is accepting on your behalf their information must be provided prior to delivery. They will also be required to show and have a valid ID in person.    

          "Can I change my order once it's placed?"

      Once you have submitted your items and placed the order you cannot go back. Those items are now on hold just for you!

      "I lost my ID, and only have a digital copy now. Can I still receive my order?"

      You must have your physical ID card on you to receive your order. You will not be allowed to use a digital form of ID.

      "What are my recreational limits?"

      You can order up to 28.5 grams of flower or 8 grams of concentrate!

      "What are my medical order limits?"

      You can order up to 8 ounces of flower and 8 ounces of concentrate!